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Welcome to the Wish Zone!
One stop wish list for any gift, from anywhere, for any occasion!
Where everyone gets the gifts they want.

Need gift ideas? How about a 72 hour emergency kit?

The Wish Zone is great for all occasions; wedding, birthday, baby shower, graduation, Christmas, or any gift-giving event. Whether the things you want are at the corner craft store or Amazon.com, you can put them on your Wish Zone wish list. Make the Wish Zone your one stop wish list for any gift, from anywhere, for any occasion!

View a sample wish list.

Your Wish List
Get the gifts you want, by making it easy for your friends and family to find out what you want. Sign up, and create your wish list today!

Give Gifts
The easy way to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. If you are here to find out what a friend or family member wants, why not take a few minutes to create a wish list of your own?

Simplified Gift Giving
If your family and friends that you normally exchange gifts with have a wish list at The Wish Zone, it will simplify your gift giving by providing a centralized place to find out what everyone needs and wants.

Coordinated Gift Giving
When you decide to buy someone something on their wish list, other people who view their wish list will not see that item. However, when the person you are buying a gift for, looks at their wish list, they will still see all the items. This way The Wish Zone helps coordinate gift giving, so two people don't buy someone the same gift.

Quick Test Drive
To See some of what the site can do, you can view a sample Wish List. A test user has been set up for this, the user name is test. To start, use the Friend's Wish List link on the Visitor Menu at the bottom left of the page.

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